hays… it was very hard to shoot a video w/ very shy cast. ending we had to shoot on locations w/ no people traffic lolz. well at least we were able to dance the Gangnam Style in Seoul!


CRAZY AND AWESOME THINGS WE DID IN KOREA – Teddy Bear Museum hungkyuuut!!

im not a fan of teddy bears but this trip to Seoul’s teddy bear museum located at the N Seoul Tower was definitely the cutest (insert overhwelming gigil factor) among all the places we’ve been in Korea. everything was so cute and cuddly i almost brought one home (i do not know how i got hold of my control mechanims, it was a good thing though that i didnt gave in to the urge – this time).

anyhow i will not make this long, photo overload should follow immediately. details at the bottom of this page.

the museum has two areas, one depicts the historic korea under the Joseon Dynasty and the second area is all about the modern, contemporary Korea (i must say Koreans really revere their culture, a trip to Seoul si like 70% culture and 30% shopping lol).

entrance to the museum

entrance to the museum

so big but so cute

so big but so cute

pa kiss!

pa kiss!












the best to - BBOI lol! they'r actually moving and dancing (breakdancing to be exact) lol

the best to – BBOI lol! they’r actually moving and dancing (breakdancing to be exact) lol

the Malacanan of Korea - Blue House

the Malacanan of Korea – Blue House

shopping capital

shopping capital

master chef teddy bear edition

master chef teddy bear edition


super junior teddy bear edition

super junior teddy bear edition



OLD TEDDY BEAR COLLECTION (dated as early as 1902)

creepy ng slight lol






the teddy bear museum is located at the N Seoul Tower observatory, so usually tourist go for the package rate of 14,000 KWon or (560P) this both for the museum and the observatory already.

museum and tower opens from 10am to 10pm 7 days a week.

1. Intracity Bus
– Get off at Namsan Library and walk 15~20 minutes. Take Bus No. 0014 or 402 at Seoul Station (Subway Line No. 1, Exit #4)

2. Taxi: Take a taxi from in front of Exit #6 of Dongguk University Subway Station, Line No. 3. (15-minute ride)

3. On foot: Walk 30 minutes from Exit #3 of Myeong-dong Subway Station or walk 40 minutes from Namdaemun Market Subway Station, both located on Line No. 4

4. Belt-line Bus (Yellow Bus No. 2)
– Get on the bus in front of Daehan Cinema at Exit #1 of Chungmuro Subway Station (Line No. 3 and 4), or Exit #6 of Dongdae Ipgu Subway Station (Line No. 3)
– 5-8 minute intervals
– Hours: 8a.m.-midnight
– Fee: Cash 550 won, Transportation Card 500 won (Transfer possible)

5. Cable Car
At Exit #3 of Myeong-dong Subway Station, Line No. 4, walk toward Pacific Hotel and then walk 10 minutes to the Namsan Cable Car.
Running hours: 10:00~23:00
Fees: Ages 14 and over (Round-trip ₩7,500 / One-way ₩6,000), Ages 7 to 13 (Round-trip ticket ₩5,000 / One-way ₩3,500)


notes to ponder:

Vanity, fashion, narcissism is legit in Korea… be ready to get insecure.

when in Seoul, never ever do your shopping on your first day (or at least stay away from the major shopping districts). my expenses doubled from my original budget for this trip because i went to the shopping districts of Seoul on our first day… (it was for my mom’s bday gift, i ended up buying for everybody)

day 1 ended like this… i was doomed since we had to go back to myeongdong again 2 days after… which meant another set of paper bags….

KPOP and KPOP boybands are huge in Korea, and these boys (including lee min ho) are the endorsers of beauty products that are a big hit in appearance concious Koreans. for the Pinoy boys, chill…they’re still straight. lol.

Myeongdong, DOngdaemun, Insadong, Namdaemun, Itaewon among others spell DISASTER for the budget concious. stay away.

beauty products from Korean brands are considerably cheap if bought in Korea compared to buying it from branches outside Korea. hording is inevitable… unfortunately for me.

if you want to fashionably belong, then prepare your wardrobe while still in the Philippines. Cubao ukay2x and friends who frequent abroad can be a good source for these wardrobes. trust me, even those people working on not so high profile jobs in SK tend to look fashionably ‘fasyon’.

lastly, dont get allured w/ all the freebies in Myeongdong’s shopping district… every store in the area have freebies just for you to go inside w/c eventually will lead you to buying stuff. i was able to give pasalubong ( a whole set) all coming from freebies lol.


1000 won is 38Pesos

all the shopping districts are part of the Seoul CIty hop on-hop off tour (separate blog) and can be easily accessed by MRT subway.

photo overload c/o of yours truly, lot,jen and ashley


very good marketing strategies, handsome men for the women market

lee min ho

try to choose where to go

forever 21 in Seoul


Crazy and Awesome things we did in Korea – getting lost in Incheon International Airport

First it was Changi, then Kuala Lumpur, then Hongkong and now Incheon…. NAIA, now what?! –

these were the thoughts looming in my mind as i deplaned from our 3 hour flight to Incheon SK. it felt surreal the moment i stepped out of the plane and breathe the cool South Korean autumn air. moments later, after immigration duties were fulfilled, it sank on me…i am in Korea… it didnt take much effort to dig the fact that i was already in Korean soil – the airport itself is screaming ‘yes tof you are in 1st world Korea! you have every right to feel oblivious! lol’

more info about Incheon International airport here.
photos c/o Lot2x:

hindi yan touch screen tof!

hindi nga touch screen yan eh

laser lights

may walkalator sa Pinas, wag masyado excited mag papicture sa walkalator

english lot, english ba… panic mode

Crazy and Awesome things we did in Korea – the DMZ

shared credits to my travel buddies lot2x,ashley and Jen for the photos used in this entry.


experience (and indulge) DMZ – the Demilitarized Zone

i have to admit it, by now, i am a fanatic of the North Korea (DPRK) and its socialist single party state of dictatorial rule that has been existing for the past 50++ years. i ‘m so wallowed w/ how elusive this country could get and how it stopped ‘evolving’ and got stuck to an early 80”s era up to this time. i’m dead serious about  how they brainwashed their people (and how people allow themselves to be brainwashed) .

i would want to know how it is to live in a country where mobile phones are just being introduced (GSM technology at that – think Nokia 5110), no internet – basically no access to the outside world, having only one fast food ‘concept’ store, only one soda flavor (second rate copy cat of coke), department stores selling VCDs of madonna and elton john (90’s album), only one channel on tv w/ endless and ‘paulit2x’ propaganda TV shows celebrating their ‘Dear Leader’ and lambasting the US, etc etc i can go on and on and on…so i’ll stop it there lol.

so, with that… a visit to a DMZ could actually sum up my whole trip to this wonderful country lol (madami pa tof chill lang wag muna uwi agad)

basically, DMZ is a 4KM demarcation line stretching hundreds upon hundreds of km from east to west that divides the Korea to a north and to a south. i wont go too much w/ the details but the whole experience was capped off w/ a ‘176 meters away from north korea’ infiltration tunnel experience – and i was extatic.


conversion – 1000 WON is 38 Pesos

there are 2 major DMZ tour types: the infiltration tunnel tours w/ other areas of the DMZ (1) and the Panmunjeom Tour ( JSA Tour ) (2). the latter should be ‘a must’ since this is the tour where you can enter the freedom house and have a glimpse of the thin demarcation line dividing SK and NK. unfotunately though we only got the first tour since its a lot cheaper compared to the JSA tour. if given the chance to visit SK again, i’d deinitely try Panmunjeom…chance ko na makakita ng authentic North Korean haha.

tour 1 costs 46000 won while tour 2 is at 87000-90000 won

passport is a must to enter DMZ.


entrance to the infiltration tunnel that leads to that 176 meters away from North Korean end of the tunnel

at the Munsan Train Station – the last SK station. officially wala pang trip ang train na ito since Pyongyang NK ang destination, not until unification will push thru then saka pa lang bibyahe ang train dito.

lot lot and the verrrry tall SK army men. p.s. DMZ is heavily guarded by both US and SK troops.

the railway leading to NK

a taste of NK propaganda on SK soil….

flora ornaments sa TOILET…

the bridge of no return

the viewing deck, about 2 KMs away is supposedly our first view of NK… unfortunately its a foggy autumn weather so we didnt see a thing.

nobody can ignore the red and orange (smells like shit) autumn leaves. diba lot? lol

the bell of Peace – you have to pay though to ring it

meeting fellow travel bugs – meet Jennifer from Singapore

and who can forget ‘Philip and his angry bird’ haha. diba lot? hahahaha.