hays… it was very hard to shoot a video w/ very shy cast. ending we had to shoot on locations w/ no people traffic lolz. well at least we were able to dance the Gangnam Style in Seoul!



notes to ponder:

Vanity, fashion, narcissism is legit in Korea… be ready to get insecure.

when in Seoul, never ever do your shopping on your first day (or at least stay away from the major shopping districts). my expenses doubled from my original budget for this trip because i went to the shopping districts of Seoul on our first day… (it was for my mom’s bday gift, i ended up buying for everybody)

day 1 ended like this… i was doomed since we had to go back to myeongdong again 2 days after… which meant another set of paper bags….

KPOP and KPOP boybands are huge in Korea, and these boys (including lee min ho) are the endorsers of beauty products that are a big hit in appearance concious Koreans. for the Pinoy boys, chill…they’re still straight. lol.

Myeongdong, DOngdaemun, Insadong, Namdaemun, Itaewon among others spell DISASTER for the budget concious. stay away.

beauty products from Korean brands are considerably cheap if bought in Korea compared to buying it from branches outside Korea. hording is inevitable… unfortunately for me.

if you want to fashionably belong, then prepare your wardrobe while still in the Philippines. Cubao ukay2x and friends who frequent abroad can be a good source for these wardrobes. trust me, even those people working on not so high profile jobs in SK tend to look fashionably ‘fasyon’.

lastly, dont get allured w/ all the freebies in Myeongdong’s shopping district… every store in the area have freebies just for you to go inside w/c eventually will lead you to buying stuff. i was able to give pasalubong ( a whole set) all coming from freebies lol.


1000 won is 38Pesos

all the shopping districts are part of the Seoul CIty hop on-hop off tour (separate blog) and can be easily accessed by MRT subway.

photo overload c/o of yours truly, lot,jen and ashley


very good marketing strategies, handsome men for the women market

lee min ho

try to choose where to go

forever 21 in Seoul


Korea Sparkling – Visa Application for Filipinos

S.K. Visa Approved! valid for 3 months good for a 59 day stay in S.K.

I have so much ‘kwento’ about this unexpected trip i can go on and on and on… so let me start from where it should all begin – the Korean Visa Application.

it has been said that South Korea (S.K.)has loosen its Immigration Laws towards Southeast Asian nations (that includes us the Philippines) in order to attract SEA’s emerging tourist market. thus, visa application for S.K. is not much of a hassle and its FREE for us Filipinos.

the S.K. embassy and its Consulate can now be located on the following addresses below.

South Korea Embassy , Philippines

122 Upper McKinley Road
McKinley Town Center
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig city 1634
Website URL:

South Korea Consulate, Philippines

122 Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Town Center,
Fort Bonifacio
Taguig city
(63-2) 856-9210
(63-2) 856-9024
Website URL:

a copy of the S.K. Visa requirements provided by the S.K. embassy

the Requirements:

1) Duly Signed Application Form available at the S.K. embassy Visa application Center
2) 1pc. passport sized picture
3) 6 months valid Passport – Original
4) COpy of Passport First Page
5) Employment Certificate – Original
6) Personal Bank Certificate – Original
7) Income Tax Return Form 2316
8) Original COpy of Your Visa and arrival stamps from OECD member nations (optional)


1) Please make sure your application form has no erasures. acceptance of your documents (not even for approval yet) is subject to the Consul’s objectivity so better give the impression that you are dead serious w/ your trip and reflect it with the way you fill out the application form.

2) 1 pc. passport size photo is attached to the application form prior submission

3) Remove all covers of your passport upon submission. Consuls tend to assume this strict, irate, hateful look and you would never want to provoke them by not removing the passport cover (baka itapon lang yang passport mo sa basurahan)

4) Certificate of Employment (COE) should be Original. It must include the address, contact nos., signature of your Head H.R., your office number, your position and your company’s Letter Head. Just to be safe you may have to include/state in your COE the approval of your superior on your vacation leave and the no. of days of your VL.

5) Personal Bank Certificate is entirely different from a Personal Bank Statement. the Visa requirement is a Bank CERTIFICATE. i am a BPI account holder so i was able to secure a Bank certificate from any BPI branch for a fee of 100 Pesos. i was able to get it right away also.

the next question would be, how much amount should be reflected in the bank certificate? well for me, i acknowledge the significance of the bank certificate as a requirement for Visa so, that would mean the amount should also be, well, significant. 30,000P is acceptable i guess (but a few of my friends who have gone to S.K. had as low as 12,000P in their bank certificates nonetheless their Visas were approved).

6) BIR form 2316 should reflect your TIN number. good thing all our BIR forms are downloadble through our company console. no need for us to visit BIR.

Visa Submission Day

1) Visa Application submission only runs from Monday to Friday (closed on Korean Holidays so better call the S.K. embassy beforehand to check the dates you intend to go if they’re open or not) from 9AM to 11AM ONLY.

2) Visa application and Passport retrieval is from Monday to Friday from 2PM to 4PM ONLY.

3) Please wear somthing presentable. slippers, sleeveless and shorts are not allowed inside the embassy.

4) Processing will take 5 days. you will be given this claim stub w/ the date of claim.


if you dont really want to undergo all the hassle for visa application, then you may opt for travel agencies w/c can charge you to around 1000P for the whole processing (pero kayo pa din mag gather ng requirements, sayang din yung 1000P pinambayad nyo lang sa pila)