Boracay and its ‘knockout’ memories…

Let’s face it, the moment i first set foot in this beautiful (and still an understatement) tiny island, i knew that i have fallen truly,madly and deeply in love with it. i want to make love with Boracay!

i dont know why, the beaches in Bantayan Island, Siquijor and Bohol could actually equal to Boracay’s but there is this something, something that is beyond words why i cant stop falling for this gem.

its been 2 years since my last visit in Boracay and i have been itching to go back this summer of 1012. fingers crossed, sana matuloy. to those buddies and friends whom i have been relentlessly making ‘kulit’ to start planning for the trip, man lets do this, PLEASE!!

so here are some stuff i did in Boracay over the few times i have been there from the very first trip in 2005 with family up to the last one in 2009 with the backstage boys. (warning: photo overload below)

Have that inexplicable feeling of peace and quiet while watching Boracay’s famous sunset.

photographing the setting sun in 2008

muni muni while waiting for that sunset...

A 2005 photo. my very first glimpse of that Boracay sunset

stroll along its 4km stretch fine and polvoron like white sand beach

willie's rock

there are soo many things one can see (intentionally and unintentionally) when strolling in boracay beach front

during off peak and stormy weather, Boracay beach front looks like this (2009 photo)

have a photo op at the iconic Boracay Regency beach resort (epic fail if you havent taken your photo in Boracay Regency the very first time you went to Boracay)

when we were first timers lol

have a Photo op at another ‘icon’ in Boracay – FRIDAY’s

im not really sure if FRIDAY's is till existing now...

have a photo op at the famous sand castles and sand designs (ung may mga kandila sa ilalim). then w/out any hesitation donate 20 PESOS (despite the the presence of a few dollars and hundred pesos in the donation box.

insert in the to do list in boracay : DESTROY sand castles lol. just pay for it first.

watch over pamangkins and other kiddies in the family while relaxing on the beach…

challenge if all boys pamangkin mo...

put the kids to sleep early to ensure the boracay nightlife is not jeopardized.

its inevitable, they will definitely ask you to buy them toys they can play with at the beach

watch other’s back. woot!

enjoy the equally famous Jonah’s shakes while ‘watching other’s backs’

pardon me on the photo, i dont have any other photos of Jonah's shake yet...urg.

just chill while sun bathing and ‘watching other’s backs’

the clear blue boracay skies during summer

konti na lang may tan lines na!

have a 365 degree look around the whole island of Boracay through its highest point and get in touch (literally) with a Bat. thanks to the ATV and the island tour

the ATV oh yeah!

enjoying the view at the island's highest peak

befriending the snob bat.

if your lucky, watch a beach front wedding…

a non-showbiz wedding but i saw toni,mariel and bianca...who could the couple be

on artista paparazzi shots, and stalking them

meet kat de castro, dont ask who among the showbiz pipz i took paparrazi photos with...ang jologs kasi.

Watersports overload…and at dirt cheap price during off peak.

first time jet skier

the banana boat ...the boring banana boat, naks!

the flyfish...ANG LUFEEEETTTT!!!!

the best among all, parasail! idol!

Underwater helmet...little mermaid mode nyahaha!

experience the LIFE in Boracay’s night life

before lambasting one's self in the clubs of Boracay, its a must to check the reggae bars first.

after reggae sessions, chill out naman pa tipsy at hey jude's

the beach front and gentext bean bags (gentext talaga? lol) at cocomangas, the USED to be Cocomangas

this is what you call 'lets morning the night' at guilly's island...

rubbed the elbows of the original 'in' crowd (one major instituition parties during labor day in Boracay)

sa Boracay lang ako naka attend ng FREE and OPEN bar until 5am party. kaya ayan borlogs

beyond anything else, what made the whole Boracay experience well worth it was the people whom i was it. its more memorable and more happier when your w/ people you treasure.

the family that island hops together, gets sea sick together...

the backstage boys w/ their backs being watched

the bestes buddies in the world (where's ivan?)

and yeah i almost forgot the ‘maksaysayang’ Jump Shot

up up and away

read on for my first Boracay blog here

Boracay Spells – FAVE!

dexter, makoy, jb and tof 

monsoon rains and boracay sand – makes a good combo!

before anything else let me offer my sincere condolences to the 3 koreans and dennis trillo’s friend who perished in boracay at almost the same time we were their (it was indeed a shock.)

last may 2008, when i went to bora with my scammers inc friends, i told myself that it’ll take some time for me to go back to this island…maybe 3-4 years, then again i’ll have the opportunity to experience boracay once more…roughly 10 months after, i was infront of the cebupacific website and w/ my phone on my right ear – i was talking to dexter and fixing my itinerary for my next boracay trip in september 2009. i was going to boracay again after a year. i didnt expect my fourth time in this beautiful island will come really soon (in just a year and 4 months). no ifs no buts, i booked the ticket, and yes the trip was confirmed.

september came swiftly and i dindt feel the need to get into so much excitement w/ the trip. for one, it was off peak (my first time to experience bora at this season) and the other one, bagyong labuyo was just around the corner. i was pretty sure i was not expecting the usual boracay that i know. boracay by this time should be different. i thought this tiny island paradise will have to show me something new and something worth the experience.

on september 4, at around 11am dex and me (jb and mckoy were on zestair) took off on a cebu pacific flight to kalibo (they had to redirect all caticlan flights due to some runway restrictions). it was quite a bumpy ride. i got a bit scared even if i’ve been into a plane for countless times this year. when we arrived we were ushered to a van that would bring us to caticlan.  we were quite hungry and a bit frustrated w/ the 1 and a half hour land trip, that even a quick power nap in the van is something really hard for us to do. what was  worse was the whole time it was raining! now add that to our frustrations!

we arrived at the jetty port and transfered to the boat that would bring us to the island. 20 more mins and we were on boracay sand – and it rained hard…the best way to welcome tourists in boracay!

we arrived in la carmela de boracay (boy abunda’s very famous greetings anyone?). special thanks to jb alvarez, who booked us to this place because he knew the manager. we got 1 night free and all the breakfast and dinner too! more than worth it i may say! an overnight savings of worth 2,250P (rate for a room that is good for 4) is something to be called SULIT! we wasted no time and strolled around station 2 and the beach front.

‘unsa man ni SIARGAO or BORA?!’ – this was the only thing we can say when we saw how rough the water was in the beach. it was also very mahangin! we immediately went to jonah’s the makers of the ever famous boracay shake and chilled for quite a time until it rained hard. i had the bestseller chocolate cookies and cream while dextoy had the mango shake at 100P a bottle.

we opt to go back to the hotel to SLEEP. yes we slept for about two hours while waiting for makoy and jb – we just had to prepare for the ever famous and indeed what i was realy excited about this trip, the bora nighlife.


by around dinner time the two boys arrived and we immediately had dinner,some chatting w/ yong the manager then we were off to another strolling in boracay. station 1 to 3 and back. thats roughly 8 kilometers of walking distance! we ended up in juice bar at around 11pm to start off the ‘bora nightlife experience’. after about 2 hours it was time to go back to station 1 and go to guilly’s to party the night away.




day 2 started with lunch in Andok’s (wa na kay lain makan-an didto nga barato kundi andoks …branch here there everywhere haha). after lunch we were off to the watersports that jb and makoy was earlier in the day able to haggle and cut the price to more than half the package.

ATV, underwater helmet, banan boat, flyfish and parasailing all at Px,xxx only! what a bargain! ukay ukay ang watersports during off peak mga kaigsuunan ko! haha! (i cant divulge the price here coz seriously, i really thought that the sports guys were lugi in the deal haha)



we started at around 2pm w/ the banana boat, the underwater helmet and the flyfish. unfortunately we werent able to continue w/ the parasailing because of the bad weather and the accident that happened to the koreans. i must say we were so blessed and our guardian angels were with us all the time. praise God!

by around 430pm we were done. jb, makoy and i decided to stroll in the beach front and take a dip in the really rough waters while dexter went back to the hotel to sleep (such a sleepy head, kabalo man lagi ka matug dex?). now besides the flyfish, the ligo2x in the dagat was by far one of the best experience ever! i must say when its typhooning in bora and the waves were like the HUGE, its the best time to go and just ligo ug dagat!.(this was what dennis trillo and his friends did, at the same place as ours only a day after). we had a blast! we went back to the hotel at around 545pm and took a dip in the hotel’s pool (nanghunawnaw bitaw to)…took a few mins to dress up for the night and had dinner again courtesy of yong.

well partly my intuiton was right, boracay’s nightlife during off peak is a bit boring and yes lousy. we started our bar hopping at hey jude had some cocktails there and when we were a bit tipsy we went back to guill’ys to dance the morning away. went back to the hotel at 4am.







the 3rd day started off later than lunch (as expected). after lunch we strolled around the talipapa and d mall to look for pasalubongs and then we were off again to finish the remaining watersport and the atv. again, never in my dreams i would be able to ride a parasail, not even in my plans. thanks to jb for a superb bargaining expertise haha. after we were now ready to take on the ATV…but my slr wasnt. it died on our way back to the shore. we had to let do w/ mackoys mobile phone for pictures…watda. this was another fun yet very exhausting experience. we were done by around 330pm. went back to the hotel to freshen up but we ended up sleeping until dinner time (kapy na bitaw kaau). we decided to not kill ourselves by partying hard again. instead we chose to go to this reggae bar to chill and just drink. we cant consume too much alcohol now because me and dexter’s flight is early morning the next day. it was very evident that we were all dead tired.


saw doi mariano a highschool batchmatewho happens to work as a chef in shang bora. he let me try the ‘ricky ocho’ (jb where’s my video?), it tasted like caramel somthing with little alcohol presence but when i stood up…wala na zigzag…payter kaau to doi haha! the reggae music was really appropriate that night that up to now it makes me miss bora (the whole trip actually). by 2am we were back in our room and we all passed out in just 10 counts.

woke up at 630 am prepared ourselves and we left jb and makoy since their flight is still after lunch. painful realizzation that in roughly two hours time were back to reality….

it was indeed a blast! i had the best of fun! thank you very much for the nicest, coolest, awesomest, kickass companions of jb,makoy and dexter – you guys rock! nalingaw ko…inamaw kung inamaw! haha… definitely, as they say the place is just an added attraction but what makes the whole trip rock is the companion and the friendship that is formed! cheers to more boracay trips in the future!

badtrip lang kay daghang boring and walay gwapa kung off peak haha!