Let’s get lost in THAILAND – on drinking diaries and drinking buddies in Khao San road

Aside from hosting hundreds of dirt cheap backpacker’s hostels (as well as middle priced boutique type hotels), Khao San Road has lived to its reputation as one of the world’s most celebrated backpacker’s mecca because of how it has developed into a 24 by 7 party hive for every foreign tourist in Bangkok.

in Khao San, it is a MUST to:

binge on local side walk foods such as the pad thai


eat cockroaches and other insects that are deemed not edible in your local country

crickets. 10 baht for picture taking (that explains the blurry part of this photo)

crickets. 10 baht for picture taking (that explains the blurry part of this photo)

use a tabo (water dipper) as your ‘solo’ shot glass when drinking beer


in accordance to the item above, use a straw when drinking a beer


shisha everywhere


dance the gangnam style again (we went there gangnam style was at its peak)


take an obligatory photo with a tuktuk


take an obligatory photo with the famous “I love Kao Shan” edifice


take an obligatory photo of an authentic Siamese Cat


dance your heart out w/ some street urg, break dancers


use some shopping for souvenir shirts at 150 bhat each.


have an authentic thai massage – before your drinking binge (not a good idea though haha)


and well, just get drunk and be with drunk, happy, crazy people from all over the world.


Sinulog IX – MY Sinulog 2011

and this was how my sinulog 2011 fared…not so much to brag about but defintiley it was for fun times and good vibes. (the feeling of a ‘balikbayan’ haha)

the 430am flight that lifted off at 730am..just imagine how i had to contain my excitement and avoid the ‘chills’ lol

‘ang mga nangilaba’-val casuco (an army of the faithful…truly indeed the country’s seat of Christianity – Sugbu…goosebumps for me. makes me proud to be a sugbuanon.

and there he is…i always yearn for you my best friend…my brother…my savior.

the most photogenic / most photographer friendly kid on side view.

best buddies at the procession. thanks tere and bokz for the photo.

w/ my penthouse girls (w/ jason behind the cam lol). lets invade manila!!!!

and i’m reunited…

with mark and rein…finally found vudu mates (aussie accent) lol!

VUDU reborn…5 yrs in the making

while waiting for the most expensive chorizo in town…

where the most expesnive chorizo in town can be found

the 2 best friends w/the best friend’s sister and her tatoo…waiting for the most expensive chorizo in town

the most expensive chorizo in town

single digit meters away from the fireworks display in Ayala. thanks accenture for the front row access!

w/ my fellow local balikbayan at the center (bejec), the idol ex photo bud (rj) and the assistant to the balikbayan at the center/ umbrella boy (noel) haha!

the ALL access pass sans the vest…

rhian and solen…indeed one of the festival’s prettiest faces.

and yes we are cousins…. when my dad’s town represented Lanao del Norte at the festival. thanks gov. dimaporo for the info.

thanks wapakers for adopting me

warak mode on sinulog friday (ako ng wlay ulo)

bruno marish look…atik!

the walk on sinulog friday

the real balikbayan again…from singapore

the curse of the san mig light…hays…

w/ the umbrella boy at the parade route. 70% of the time i was vanity shooting lolz.

passion w/ Canon…yeah boi.

the P.A. first time to be part of a short film production. and i kinda like it. will definitely be present for next year (hopefully artista na lol)

Sinulog Chronicles V – the Holy Procession

After the festive yet solemn fluvial parade, the religious activities on Saturday, the day before the grand Mardigras doesn’t just stop there. the devotees composed by Cebuanos (lumads) and the non-cebuanos (usually called as mga ‘dayo’) alike now shall troop into the main procession route around the basilica to take part in one of the country’s well attended solemn procession.

image courtesy of http://www.sinulog.ph/index.php/route/

year after year, the number (consistently in millions) continue to increase as young generations as (young as toddlers being brought by their parents) brave the ever changing January weather just to take part in this religious gathering. for the past 3 consecutive processions it has been a wet one but this doesnt dampen the spirits of the pious devotees of the Holy Child to join this religious event.

a 2011 solemn procession photo by Paolo Sanchez
the 2011 edition was not spared from the rains and the dark clouds. in fact it has yet to be the ‘wetest’ (forgive me for putting up an wrong term) based on experience. all the while a lot of the people were worried that the heavy rains and the flooding in the main streets would stop the procession. yet, of course no wonder, the undying faith of the millions of attendees and the undying love of each one for the Holy Child proved that even flood waters cant stop them from professing their faith and love to the Holy Child. everybody was soaking wet but everybody welcomed it. no issues. no complains.

do not forget also the overwhelming power that the ‘Batobalani’ song carries all through out the procession as the faithful waves in unison everytime this is sung in the entire procession. this is a perfect testament of the unity of all the devotees for the Holy Child. indeed such an event must be considered as a miracle.

here are some of my Sinulog procession photos:

Sinulog Chronicles IV – the fluvial parade



photos taken during my very first attendance of the fluvial parade. i was still using my A610 powershot digicam since i dont have my SLR yet during that time.

Another of Sinulog’s goose-flesh worthy event is the fluvial parade celebrated on the dawn of the 3rd Saturday of January just before the re-enactment of the Christianization of the Philippines that is held at the Basilica and the holy procession. this has been a tradition that the Holy Child visits His parents before the grand fiesta celebration. first, he leaves Basilica to visit his step father St, Joseph at the St. Joseph’s parish in the nearby city of Mandaue. He stays there for a night. throngs of devotees would usually follow the Holy Child in this journey and have a vigil at the parish. by day break He would now fetch His mother in Mactan Island at the City of Lapu Lapu (Our Lady of the Rule). This is where the fluvial parade takes place.

it is both a very solemn and a very festive moment all rolled up into one with the faithful in fervent prayer and at the same time fireworks, drum beats,sirens and horns from ships are heard and seen. add to the revelry the private planes and helicopters from the Armed Forces of the Philippines throwing confetti and flowers to the parade. and do not forget the millions of devotees on both ends (Cebu city and Lapu Lapu city) lining up on the shores eager to take a glimpse of the Holy Child being drifted around the Mactan channel. even the old bridge is not spared from these devotees.

more photos from my fellow Sundae Shutter ALDO NELBERT BANAYNAL: