PHL360° Episode 2: Moving On

This season of PHL360° circles around the stories of eight indie travelers embarking on a trip around the Philippines. This is an entertaining and informative project for gung-ho and bold travelers who share the same passion and advocacies as independent travelers.

Showcasing the human element of the traveler, his perceptions, and experiences, this reality travel show documents from pre-travel to post-trip, and everything in between that. It serves as promoting domestic and independent traveling that people could embrace and a lifestyle that they could easily adopt.


Eight independent travelers take us around the Philippines telling stories of suspense, frustration, friendship, fun and adventure. Some have been traveling their whole life, some have just started. Some have explored the Philippines and some have only just begun to take in the beauty that each of the 7,107 islands has to offer. Each of them have different ways of traveling – one takes it slow while the other takes it to the extreme, another travels only overland while another one doesn’t know how to swim. Each is different but they are ultimately bound by their need to travel, explore and experience the beauty of their country and the world. –