the Island Fortress Corregidor


if only my lolo’s were alive. it would have been a not so good trip down memory lane. another worthwile trip. alot of realizations about how our grandparents fought for freedom not so llong ago. something that us now just take for granted.

How to get there:

since the island is a national shrine, there are actually no public settlement in Corregidor. there are only about 160++ people living in the island and all of them are employees of the hotel ad other areas being managed by the government. because of this there is no public transportation to and from the island.

Sun Cruises Inc. provided guided tours in the island. (basically they are the only ones who have guided tours there). they have both day tour and overnight packages. we got the day tour.

price: P1,999
inclusive of:

fast craft fare to and from the island
buffet lunch
guided tour of your choice(english or japanese)

we left manila harbour by around 11am and we got to Corregidor at alittle over 12NN. we headed straight to the south beach area to have our lunch and at around 2PM the tour started.

it was really educational and very worth it. manimbawok imo balahibo.

the tour ended at around 530PM and by around 6PM were already off to Manila.

added attraction is the sunset and the fireworks display by SM around 7PM w/c is very visible from the fast craft’s view point.

befriended a japanese who happens to have the same birthday as i am haha..were both 26 years old now. lousy shishido! hehe…see you around in our next journeys to come.