Wakeboarding at Camsur Watersports Complex – epic!

Menu from their cafe…

This was exacty what’s on my mind the whole time I was travelling in Bicol (the only thing actually) – I must need to learn how to wake board (i had to travel miles away not knowing that shortly after my Bicol trip, Cebu will have its own wakeboarding facility at Danasan Eco Adventure Park! crazy but well, it will work on my advantage, when the time comes i will visit this place, yakang yaka ko na ang wakeboarding. lol).

4 hours of wakeboarding (for the price of 2, thanks to the bisaya trainors and my very congenial haggling talent) in photos:

Matteo Guidicelli… again?! well actually this was the first time i saw this guy, the Anawangin encounter was the 3rd, second was in Cebu.

skaterboi goes wake boarding…

wakeboards abound…

there goes the ‘kanyon’ lens again.

Mt. Mayon was somewhere out there…hiding.

getting ready… kuno. and did you notice the color blocking? haha….

great things start from floppy, slappy and crappy beginnings

will perfect that ‘angas wakeboarder’ look really soon…


All Cebuano wake board team…naks.

wakeboarding rates taken from the CWC website: http://www.cwcwake.com/