on air turbulence…and how i got this fear of flying.

its monsoon season again in the Philippines and its about time to brace myself into countless turbulent night flights. i’ll be up on air for at least once a month starting July all the way til December this year.

last night i was quite busy scanning youtube about airline/aviation videos (ironic and funny it is that i love the airline industry and i still am hoping to become a commercial pilot someday yet i abhor turbulence lol) when i came across this video that refreshed me w/ the horrors of the several times i got horrified while on board a plane.

then i remembered this flight (see boarding pass below):

this flight has unconsciously made me fear flying. after this flight it has always been agonizing to be at the terminal gate while waiting for boarding. after this flight, i have always suffered this involuntary muscle reaction called ‘panginginig’ and ‘panlalamig’ (my buddy bokz witnessed this first hand), after this flight, trips to the boarding gate comfort room was at minimum of 5 times even w/ me not drinking anything. and lastly, after this flight, phone calls to all loved ones (and occasional ‘i love you’s) is a must before boarding.

i wont go into details as exactly what happend to this flight, but i tell you, this was one hell of a nerve wracking ‘i-dont-wanna-do-this-again-never’ and ‘mamaaaah’ flight. it was a first for me to see a flight attendant show a really agitated face – one thing they are trained NOT to do. i’d usually look at the faces of the flight attendants everytime a strong turbulence happen to appease me (and usually i see bored faces or they’re making chika2x the whole time, if thats the case i get calmed). the screams of the ‘O.A. naman to, first time mo?’ pinays, the ‘In Jesus name litany of a mother behind me, the ‘ok lang yan, maulap lang kasi maulan…pauses…ok lang yan, (slow volume) sh*t’ of a man a few rows behind me and the yet another worried face of my Japanese backpacker seatmate who claimed he has flown way too many times have all summed up and was enough for my own nervous breakdown moment. panick attack anyone?

i swore i wont fly again after that scary flight. it happend last 2011 but the heck by now im still into booking flights up to 2013. lol. sad reality, i had to face this fear upfront because i dont have a choice. home is an a hour’s flight away. i love travelling. and i am always drawn into airplanes and airports. now how do i fulfill all of this if i dont fly right?

i thought i needed some self help notes to finally overcome this fear and regain my confidence in flying. man, i have been flying since 1 was 2 years old. maybe these 3 videos can help. its about explaining what an air turbulence is all about and common myths about flying. (and yes, pls do not watch air crash investigation on nat geo and air crash videos on you tube. kaya naman kasi ako kinakabahan parati kasi hobby ko din manuod ng mga ganyan…demet)

i can totally relate on this vid. must watch for everyone.