Bigg’s Diner – Legaspi, Albay

Just a super quick post to assure you guys that I’m still very much alive (as well as this blog). I know it has been months since i last posted an entry related to travelling and I feel terribly guilty about it – Sorry much! work and personal ‘crisis’ has taken much of my energy this past few months.

since 1983? so its 29 years old.

Anyhow, here’s a short review on Bicol’s most celebrated fastfood chain – Bigg’s Diner. this American vintage inspired food chain is located at the Embarcadero mall in Legazpi Albay.


With the fast food concept, most of its menu entry composed of comfort foods from fried chicken meals to healthy salads. it also had club sandwiches made up of meat and fish. one major ‘thumbs up’ factor about Bigg’s is its servings, not like the others, Bigg’s servings were, well, Big (justice served for its name lol). it is big enough for one person to get filled and just enough to be shared for at least 2. for the discriminating taste buds, if one loves American food (and the greasy part of it), then Bigg’s is a must try.

the service crew

the service was also good. the crew members showed genuine Bicolano hospitality. service was also quite fast though their food still has to be cooked/roasted/fried after its ordered.

Bigg’s placemat

price-wise, one has to prepare at least 150P to get a decent meal and a partner drink.

price range

and to complete the Bigg’s dining experience, one has to dine in front of the overwhelming presence of Mayon volcano.

here’s what i ordered (plus extra rice and a glass of lemonade):

their serving of chicken cordon bleu

for my tummy meter: i’d give this an 8 out of 10. i strongly agree that Bigg’s should consider going nationwide.