Life Dance 2012

what’s terrific w/ my birth date is that it always fall w/ summer-ender parties. and this year was no different as i was able to experience Life Dance 2012 – the country’s first and biggest outdoor dance party.

party philes from all over Cebu as well as the rest of the country converged last May 26, 2012 at the Boardwalk Complex, Mandaue City to witness history unfold as Cebu embraced this new genre of shindig of epic international scale. i used to envy friends who ere able to attend Singapore’s Zouk out party, but when Life Dance 2012 came, i told myself that i need not experience Zouk out, Life Dance 2012 is already here!

as a lover of dance music, Life Dance 2012 was a well received treat for me. the highlight of the night was the back-to-back performances of trance music legend Chicane and a newbie spinner under the name Adam Bjornberg who brought the house down as the finale electro house spin for the event. local spinning acts such as Funk Avy, War, Distraction, Bong Durano, Marvin Evangelista, DJ Nina and Ira Cruz also sustained the hysteria of the crowd since 5 in the afternoon until Chicane stepped out on stage at around midnight.

visually, Life Dance 2012 was one tough act to follow, huge LED screens (many of them) almost surrounded the venue, strobe lights seen as far as Lapu Lapu and Consolacion town, awesome club lights and an epic state-of-the art sound system all merged to give that one visual treat that was hard to miss. add also the grand fireworks display w/c always gave me goosebumps and kept me at awe the whole night. oh yeah, and dont forget the ‘wings’ – Life Dance 2012‘s grandiose symbol.

i should not forget to mention also the party goers that night who were well-dressed to the ocassion. it was indeed a feast to my eyes. one thing i like also about partying in Cebu is like, im on a one huge birthday party because i’d be able to rub elbows w/ a lot of people i know (its something that Manila doesnt have). animosity is inexistent when partying in Cebu, just like w/ Life Dance 2012.

kudos to the people who brought the very first Life Dance 2012: Paradiso Full House Concepts, Legwork Productions and San Mig Light party all night series. for a succesful event.

special credits to Kimberly Mendero for the photos.

my wishlist for Life Dane 2013: Avicii and David Guetta.

yeah right Kim, ikaw na haha!