Kiltepan and its Sunrise : fly high!

Kiltepan Sunrise - almost

Our third day in Sagada started off way too early at 4 o clock in the morning to catch up on yet again one of Sagada’s most sought after natural scenery : the Sunrise view at Kiltepan peak.

getting ready to ride our jeepney service towards Kiltepan peak

Coming from the other day’s exhausting but really fun adventure, it was all but a challenge for me to wake up that early. the cold weather coupled with the familiar (and provincial) sound of dawn that i always long to hear plus the king size bed and the comforter all to myself made getting out of my bed such a struggle. Good thing Doi was already up on her feet and was all made up when i woke up so it was really ‘jahe’ for my part not to move and prepare for the early morning itinerary.

balot na balot...

roughly at around 430am our tour guide arrived. we wasted no time and drove ourselves all the way up to Kiltepan peak. we were a bit worried though because of the unfavorable weather in the area. we were thinking we might not be able to witness the sunrise since clouds and thick fog might cover the view. 30 minutes after and a vehicle break down, we were already at Kiltepan peak view point…and yes we were right. the view was covered with THICK clouds and fog. and the temperature was very cold and the wind blew on us quite strongly. it was not a mistake that me and Carla brought with us our extra blankets. while awaiting for the fog and the clouds to settle, Tita Myrna started to sing songs of Praise and other Christian songs. it made the whole scanarios of us waiting in silence and in awe more melodramatic. it felt like we were in this some indie film or a docu film about the ifugaos hehe.

James and Tof: typical worried mode, baka lang naman magmoist ang lens

finally after a few minutes of waiting the sun finally rose, giving us a perfect view of what was really in front of us. unfortunately though, he did not show his beauty to us. he hid himself behind the clouds, there were a few times that we almost got a glimpse of him but sadly, the clouds only came too quickly to cover him again.

Just like what any other tourist would do, we wasted no time and took pictures of the still magnificent view and ourselves. Edcel actually did a crazy thing in Kiltepan – he removed his shirt and posed for photos half naked for about an hour! lol! i will leave the whole ‘kwento’ to him on his blog.

may naiinitan...