the 8 (famous) travel bloggers that influenced my thirst for travel

2013 was one horrid year for me in many aspects of my existence, im so glad its going to be over in roughly 4 hours. but despite that, what kept me sane and grounded this whole time was the fact that no one was able (or did try) to get into my travelling addiction (except for my uncle sonny’s death that caused my thailand-cambodia trip to be cut short because i needed to be home for him).

with this year’s round of travelling:

– i gained a new true blue friend, a soul (sole) mate to be exact. (ikaw yun juna)
– i traveled once again with the pinaka kengkoy travel buddy, its always the best of times when im with this a-hole (ikaw yun jb)
– i finally made peace with someone very dear to me, proper closure, no holds barred, with all honesty kind of closure (and that is you claudinne, love you more, my best friend)
– i became a true blue environmentalist, 2014 is for the earth. (kayo un mga giraffe ng coron)
– i fell in love, got hurt, got shattered even.. but with that comes an aftermath i did not expect – i’m much more stronger now, and it actually opened my doors and my heart to a possible ‘the right one’ (ikaw yun singapore la’)

2013 might not be the banner year for me but with these travel bloggers and my addiction erg passion for travelling, i can say i successfully carried on and for sure will make my 2014 rock! hongkong,siargao,myanmar and hopefully beijing your just a plane ride away in 2014!

enough of the lenghty and wordy melodrama (mervin of hates that lol), i present to you the 8 travel bloggers that i admire and follow big time…im one big fan for each of them. thank you so much for the fan signs, i know kinulit ko kayo big time but you still happily obliged. =)



im sure sinjin is probably the one i know the longest among these 8. skyscrapercity days pa lang. he was still very suplado that time, i remember one sinulog, i was already part of those photo contest events and i would bump into him in the middle of the street and guess what – deadma. he probably did not see me because he’s taller than i am. an opportunity came to finally have my photo taken together with him during one of Cebu’s blogging summit a few years back. he already knew im his avid fan so he was already extra kind to me. hahaha! see yah around sinj. see you this Sinulog! and yes im hoping to travel with you soon, not with sinapore though lolz.



what can i say with doi? she actually is the most inspiring blogger/friend among the 8. like when we first met in my first trip with travel bloggers in Sagada, she made it a point to make me realize that travelling is all about passion and chasing not just my dreams but what i truly believe in. during those times i only felt i needed to travel for no apparent reason, and yes doi made some sense as to why i wanna travel and wana do it over and over again. super bait! shes also one of my closest now. we dont meet very often but its always hours upon hours of facebook chat when were both online. i really hope i can bump into you before i leave cebu doi, may ref magnet pa ako sayo eh haha! see you sinulog!!!



meet the very accomodating AC Chua. very friendly and very masunurin among the 8 haha… i first bumped into his blog when i was doing some research for South Korean Visa. but lo and behold, i did not get what i need but instead, i found some really precious information about my ultimate dream international destination – NORTH KOREA. i so envied him that it took me 3 days to get over the fact that a Filipino (with no political connection, not even an OFW – North Korea based) was able to set foot in North Korea. i already have planned on how to save for my North Korea fund because i knew it will be that hefty but when i was able to ask him questions (actually interview na yun eh lol), i found out i can actually go there without even hurting my pocket. i wont delve into details yet because i want to be one of the pioneering Filipinos to make it in North Korea haha (selfish eh lolz).

his blog also has one of the most extensive collection of places he traveled which are deemed to be the ‘off the beaten track’ type – and most of which are in Europe! im truly blessed i met AC, and im looking forward to finally team up with you in your future travels (im still working on my shenzen visa though lol).



among the 8, dito ako pinakatakot haha… one of the first few blogs i lurked when i started to insert the ‘researching’ part of travelling is hers. i admire the courage, the angas, the lakas ng loob that this female travel blogger withhold. such a commanding presence (and intimdating at some point haha). she’s also probably the most famous among the 8, being interviewed by jessica soho when she got busted in Bali, Indonesia. that sparked national interest in both Indonesia and Philippines regarding issues on racism and women oppression…naks! how i wish i can finally meet this lass and join one of her travels. she went to india by the way and soaked her newly pedicured feet at the ganges river. lakas lang eh no? lol



the youngest and the ‘freshest’ among the 8, haha. pinaka gwapo din andami nagkaka crush according to… hahaha. quiet nako. he’s the one who helped me with my Coron trip just this year, another very accommodating blogger. i also envy his ‘endorser’ status for tourism Malaysia. how i wish i’d be able to do what he has done, yung tipong, you get invited by all these tourism boards across countries around the world. he is now in flight to Kuala Lumpur to GUEST in the new year’s eve count down. iba na talaga pag celebrity. lol. he also celebrated his birthday in Yogyakarta Indonesia… mas lalo ako na inggit. hope to see you around here in Pinas Boy Malaysia!



this whole travel blogging thing (and a whole chunck of my travelling passion)- i owe it to this guy. he was my ticket to my very first travelling stint with total strangers (who happens to be travel bloggers also – and now good friends). if not for him, i wouldnt be able to grab some guts to finally travel with strangers, travel solo and look at travelling at a whole new light. its all thank yous to this guy and i keep on counting the days to travel with you and the rest of the guys again. na inlove kasi kaya backstage si travelling, haha! stay crazy! – crazy lolz.

GAY (and Luna) MITRA EMAMI –


i would not want to think that she could be the most stressed out among the 8 for having a baby tagging along in all her travels around the world… such an awesome travel blogger mom… bow down to the queen. lolz. i met her in Baguio during our Sagada trip and i gaind so much from her experiences from all the travelling to having luna around… luna getting sick, luna getting homesick, luna hating the food, luna missing her homies (or the other way around) etc. grabe, most probably i wouldnt want to know anymore how she managed it. for someone like me who gets easily irritated with a sling bag during travelling, how much more with a baby (toddler na today) haha. i also envy how she and her family has almost (yes almost) tour the world already. im guesiing theyre halfway already…

p.s. i had to grab some photos from Gay’s website because up to now she still hasnt provided me w/ her fan sign, mamakalimutin daw. lolz



Saving the best for last….and keeping it short – my best friend among the 8, haha. he’s probably the closest to me. and the most meet ups too. unfortunately though, except for that Be Careful With My Heart tour in Pila Laguna, we havent had the chance to travel together, like the hardcore thing. ironic ei? haha. puro lang kain, inom, chika2x, fireworks2x lolz. i know the best is yet to come for our travelling dreams mervs kaya siguro we do not have the chance yet to travel trogether. it will come sooner than we expect, fingers crossed lolz.

so there you go, if i neede to go into rehab for travelling abuse… you better bring these 8 too or any of them, id be effin fine with it.

THANK YOU big time for inspiring me… in 2014 for sure it will be a blast, more places to explore, more experiences to go by with, more people to meet, more airline tickets to use (and put into waste haha) etc….