on air turbulence…and how i got this fear of flying.

its monsoon season again in the Philippines and its about time to brace myself into countless turbulent night flights. i’ll be up on air for at least once a month starting July all the way til December this year.

last night i was quite busy scanning youtube about airline/aviation videos (ironic and funny it is that i love the airline industry and i still am hoping to become a commercial pilot someday yet i abhor turbulence lol) when i came across this video that refreshed me w/ the horrors of the several times i got horrified while on board a plane.

then i remembered this flight (see boarding pass below):

this flight has unconsciously made me fear flying. after this flight it has always been agonizing to be at the terminal gate while waiting for boarding. after this flight, i have always suffered this involuntary muscle reaction called ‘panginginig’ and ‘panlalamig’ (my buddy bokz witnessed this first hand), after this flight, trips to the boarding gate comfort room was at minimum of 5 times even w/ me not drinking anything. and lastly, after this flight, phone calls to all loved ones (and occasional ‘i love you’s) is a must before boarding.

i wont go into details as exactly what happend to this flight, but i tell you, this was one hell of a nerve wracking ‘i-dont-wanna-do-this-again-never’ and ‘mamaaaah’ flight. it was a first for me to see a flight attendant show a really agitated face – one thing they are trained NOT to do. i’d usually look at the faces of the flight attendants everytime a strong turbulence happen to appease me (and usually i see bored faces or they’re making chika2x the whole time, if thats the case i get calmed). the screams of the ‘O.A. naman to, first time mo?’ pinays, the ‘In Jesus name litany of a mother behind me, the ‘ok lang yan, maulap lang kasi maulan…pauses…ok lang yan, (slow volume) sh*t’ of a man a few rows behind me and the yet another worried face of my Japanese backpacker seatmate who claimed he has flown way too many times have all summed up and was enough for my own nervous breakdown moment. panick attack anyone?

i swore i wont fly again after that scary flight. it happend last 2011 but the heck by now im still into booking flights up to 2013. lol. sad reality, i had to face this fear upfront because i dont have a choice. home is an a hour’s flight away. i love travelling. and i am always drawn into airplanes and airports. now how do i fulfill all of this if i dont fly right?

i thought i needed some self help notes to finally overcome this fear and regain my confidence in flying. man, i have been flying since 1 was 2 years old. maybe these 3 videos can help. its about explaining what an air turbulence is all about and common myths about flying. (and yes, pls do not watch air crash investigation on nat geo and air crash videos on you tube. kaya naman kasi ako kinakabahan parati kasi hobby ko din manuod ng mga ganyan…demet)

i can totally relate on this vid. must watch for everyone.


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NKOTBSB live in Manila

warning: this post is BSB biased for the simple fact that besides Joey Mcintyre, I am not that well versed with NKOTB (New Kids on the block). i was more of a batang -BSB and the concept of a boyband wasnt existing in my vocabulary when NKOTB was at its prime.

this should have been one of the concerts that i could have opted to spend on at least a lower box ticket rather than just be content w/ a gen ad one (and just bring a disposable binoculars). i wasn’t really into this BSB thing. what i was really intrested about was the new SM MOA Arena, the newest multi purpose venue in the metro that is out to rival THE Araneta Coliseum. i wanted to see what this venue could offer…(much to my dismay… will blog separately. basta pangit experience ko urg namin pala). so despite the ridiculously pricey gen Ad tickets (1,090P), i, together w/ a new found BSB fanatic friend Shena and her mom (yup her mom), i decided to finally watch it. b-day gift to myself kumbaga…

and, well, i was right…my ‘what if’ thoughts regarding purchasing front row seats were indeed sealed to just ‘what ifs’ and ‘sayang’ when the concert ended. all i cans say was that it was a BLAST! just the best concert. it was epic. and to add insult to injury, group buying site ensogo.ph had the tickets on sale 3 days before the concert night ( VIP seats were lowered to around 5000P, from 13000P not bad).

the night was filled w/ a lot of nostalgia, a lot of dancing and singing along to still very popular songs of both boybands and of course screaming fans, there were about 10,000 of them, i mean … us haha! i only wished for one thing that night, that BSB sing ‘Quit Playing Games’ and as expected they did….and i became delirious. lol. (i missed myy boracay trip w/ my boys because of this concert. and theme song namin kaya ang quit playin games haha).

the Quit Plying Games moves…lol

the video (credits to Knurdd). nagwala na ako sa part na to, dalawa kami nung mama sa tabi ko instant bff lol.

the malanding Nick Carter w/ Call me Maybe

I want it that way video c/o: sharmskee

the set list below also is a simple proof how ‘sulit’ the concert was:


Single/The One Mash-Up in Viva La Vida elements

Summertime – NKOTB

The Call – BSB

Dirty Dancing – NKOTB

Get Down (You’re the One for Me) – BSB

You Got It (The Right Stuff) – NKOTB

Larger Than Life – BSB


Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind this Time)

Valentine Girl

If You Go Away

Please Don’t Go Girl


Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely

10,000 Promises

I’ll Never Break Your Heart




Step By Step

Cover Girl

My Favorite Girl




Shape Of My Heart

As Long As You Love Me

All I Have To Give

We’ve Got It Goin’

Quit Playin’ Games With My Heart

I’ll Be Lovin’ You Forever – NKOTB

I Want It That Way – BSB

Don’t Turn Out The Lights – NKOTBSB

Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) – BSB

Hangin’ Tough – NKOTB


Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

Hangin’ Tough (with excerpts from We Will Rock You)

this was also the concert that had the best lighting effects and the best indoor pyrotechnics.

i will let the photos and videos do the talking. thanks to Ovation Productions for bringing NKOTBSB here in Pinas.

Life Dance 2012

what’s terrific w/ my birth date is that it always fall w/ summer-ender parties. and this year was no different as i was able to experience Life Dance 2012 – the country’s first and biggest outdoor dance party.

party philes from all over Cebu as well as the rest of the country converged last May 26, 2012 at the Boardwalk Complex, Mandaue City to witness history unfold as Cebu embraced this new genre of shindig of epic international scale. i used to envy friends who ere able to attend Singapore’s Zouk out party, but when Life Dance 2012 came, i told myself that i need not experience Zouk out, Life Dance 2012 is already here!

as a lover of dance music, Life Dance 2012 was a well received treat for me. the highlight of the night was the back-to-back performances of trance music legend Chicane and a newbie spinner under the name Adam Bjornberg who brought the house down as the finale electro house spin for the event. local spinning acts such as Funk Avy, War, Distraction, Bong Durano, Marvin Evangelista, DJ Nina and Ira Cruz also sustained the hysteria of the crowd since 5 in the afternoon until Chicane stepped out on stage at around midnight.

visually, Life Dance 2012 was one tough act to follow, huge LED screens (many of them) almost surrounded the venue, strobe lights seen as far as Lapu Lapu and Consolacion town, awesome club lights and an epic state-of-the art sound system all merged to give that one visual treat that was hard to miss. add also the grand fireworks display w/c always gave me goosebumps and kept me at awe the whole night. oh yeah, and dont forget the ‘wings’ – Life Dance 2012‘s grandiose symbol.

i should not forget to mention also the party goers that night who were well-dressed to the ocassion. it was indeed a feast to my eyes. one thing i like also about partying in Cebu is like, im on a one huge birthday party because i’d be able to rub elbows w/ a lot of people i know (its something that Manila doesnt have). animosity is inexistent when partying in Cebu, just like w/ Life Dance 2012.

kudos to the people who brought the very first Life Dance 2012: Paradiso Full House Concepts, Legwork Productions and San Mig Light party all night series. for a succesful event.

special credits to Kimberly Mendero for the photos.

my wishlist for Life Dane 2013: Avicii and David Guetta.

yeah right Kim, ikaw na haha!

Bigg’s Diner – Legaspi, Albay

Just a super quick post to assure you guys that I’m still very much alive (as well as this blog). I know it has been months since i last posted an entry related to travelling and I feel terribly guilty about it – Sorry much! work and personal ‘crisis’ has taken much of my energy this past few months.

since 1983? so its 29 years old.

Anyhow, here’s a short review on Bicol’s most celebrated fastfood chain – Bigg’s Diner. this American vintage inspired food chain is located at the Embarcadero mall in Legazpi Albay.


With the fast food concept, most of its menu entry composed of comfort foods from fried chicken meals to healthy salads. it also had club sandwiches made up of meat and fish. one major ‘thumbs up’ factor about Bigg’s is its servings, not like the others, Bigg’s servings were, well, Big (justice served for its name lol). it is big enough for one person to get filled and just enough to be shared for at least 2. for the discriminating taste buds, if one loves American food (and the greasy part of it), then Bigg’s is a must try.

the service crew

the service was also good. the crew members showed genuine Bicolano hospitality. service was also quite fast though their food still has to be cooked/roasted/fried after its ordered.

Bigg’s placemat

price-wise, one has to prepare at least 150P to get a decent meal and a partner drink.

price range

and to complete the Bigg’s dining experience, one has to dine in front of the overwhelming presence of Mayon volcano.

here’s what i ordered (plus extra rice and a glass of lemonade):

their serving of chicken cordon bleu

for my tummy meter: i’d give this an 8 out of 10. i strongly agree that Bigg’s should consider going nationwide.