My Sinulog 2012 experience

Yet again, Cebu’s grandest festival, the SINULOG has rocked Cebu (and the whole country as well for being the mother of all festivals) and i didnt stop myself to experience how amazing this festivity is.

2012 will be the second ‘laid back’ sinulog for me as i tried to stay away from the ‘limelight’ and enjoy the revelry on the sidelines just like what usual Cebuanos do. plus the fact that i didnt have a camera charger w/ me (this deserves a separate blog), i saw the whole festivity coming from the outside and i am loving it more that way.

so here’s how my Sinulog 2012 experience went:

Jan 12, 2012 thursday – the arrival

every balikbayan and tourist’s Sinulog experience starts from his/her arrival at the airport. sa Tarmac pa lang sayawan na!

there wasnt much hustle on my thursday night. it was time well spent with family through the novena mass in the basilica followed by dinner in Ayala.

rains did not deter the millions of devotees during the novena mass in the basilica

the batobalani wave, one of my photos back then

January 13, Friday Nights …onwards.

Probably this year’s Sinulog became one of the best as few of my relatives from the states surprised us when they came home for the celebration.

dinner at Parklane Hotel

Parklane at night

it was also the first time for me to actually go on board an acoustic session…kapalmuks!

'people say that i'm a fool, well i dont know...'

after the mini reunion , its time to experience the much celebrated Sinulog Friday nights with my backstage boys brothers. ITpark, Penthouse and Alchology were the places to be.

party rock w/ the backstage boys

Alchology it is

January 14 – Fluvial Parade, Solemn Procession and Sabado nights

with barely 2 hours of sleep and an already acidic stomach, i had to rush back to the city to witness the fluvial procession. by this time i was already feeling the fatigue so i had to go to dad’s office to get some sleep and meet again the relatives and prepare for the afternoon’s solemn procession. we had lunch at the office and decided to go on our separate ways as i had already said yes to my BFF’s Gino and Jane to go with them during the procession- its already a tradition for the 3 of us.

thanks to Val Casuco for this photo

since i didnt have my cam with me, i had to settle with my phone cam to capture images during the solemn procession

my saturday had to end again in the city’s happening places. it started w/ jamming at patio ecila with elmer shox and chai apale’s friends, a few second stint at the penthouse and quite a poignant farewell drinking session w/ a friend in Mango as he was about to leave for Singapore the monday after. no photos kasi medyo seryoso naging usapan lol.

January 15, Sunday … Viva Pit Senyor!

by sunday morning, i really felt i was a few pounds lighter. ‘murag naglutaw’ in bisaya as i have not slept at all since saturday night. my day started with the Accenture Pep Rally where one of my dreams finally came true as i met the FEU pep squad – one of the country’s best cheer squads (frustrated cheerdancer kaya to). after i had lunch w/ Gino, Jane and their officemates. a little after lunch time i met up with a friend to stroll around the parade route (para naman magka sense ang photo contest ID ko). by this time i brought w/ me my cam in high hopes (even if i knew it wont) that it would turn on and display even a single battery bar so at least i could take a few shots. by some stroke of luck (but i call it miracle), when i opened it, it displayed a full bar! i was so extatic on that day that i was able to take 200 shots more. that was more than enough for the unexpectant me. my cam died down while taking fireworks shots but i was already all good that night so no issues.

FEU pep at the Accenture Pep Rally

some shots i got during the grand mardi gras

here’s to end a grand celebration…party party!! thanks to Henry and friends for adopting me.

January 16, 2012, Monday…borlogs and Mom’s rant.

stayed at home until around 2 pm, had to listen though w/ mom’s never ending rants on having enough time to rest and sleep. went to dad’s office to bum around. printed return ticket (made sure i had one hehe) and went to Parkmall for grocery. slept at 9PM very early after a looong time.

January 17, 2012, Tuesday, back to sad reality.

6am flight back to Manila, remembered how the weekend rocked. remembered how i cried when i saw the Holy Child, remembered how i thanked Him when he passed by us during the procession, remembered how happy i was w/ the people i were with. remembered how i missed Cebu, my home.

Ellis Ecotel – Legaspi’s premier budget hotel

Thanks to the beautiful Ellis Ecotel (see website here:, my first solo trip to Bicolandia almost ended up into nothing as I almost did not want to leave the hotel but instead snuggle into its very smooth single sized bed and just hibernate for three days since the air condition was very cold. the flatscreen wallmount cable tv was also enough for me to stay put and do nothing. i also loved its ultra-modern look that involved mirrors, lots and lots of mirrors (the narcissistic in me lol). and probably the best feature of this newest budget hotel is its free WIFI access in all the rooms.

another very good facet about this budget hotel was that it is located inside a mall. it is situated on the 3rd floor of Embarcadero Mall (see website HERE) in Legaspi City. that meant it wasnt much of a struggle for me whenever i needed something such as food and stuff since i’d just go down and stroll around the mall!

Ellis Ecotel definitely spelled: ‘TUMAMBAY KA NA LANG DITO BUONG ARAW’

Ellis Ecotel almost killed my chances of exploring Bicolandia lol. i had to kick my own butt just to get up and prepare to stroll around Legaspi and Albay when I arrived. ( i went out at around 2pm already since i slept pa – i wanted to ‘try’ the bed lol)

this by the way is their single room. just check the link above for the rates.

special thanks to Chyng Reyes of, i discovered this hotel because of her.

photos overload below.

facebook agad! ...anlaki ng aircon ha...

the bed and the flatscreen cable TV

sleek design - i love it!

the see-thru shower...hmmm....

the glass cabinet - now im looking if there are any glass shoes here.

shower scene anyone?

yes, i did observe myself while sitting on that thing (sa gawing kanan nyan mirror)

asa ka pa na walang ganitong pose w/ the mirror

when Mayon did not show up

(1st part of my Bicol trip series)

My Bicol Trip has been cancelled thrice and the 4th time had to be re-booked on a much later date. thus, I have decided to FINALLY try solo travelling and have chosen Bicol as my very first solo-leisure destination (para FINALLY din, matuloy na sya).

so you can only feel my frustration and my ‘almost angry’ feeling when Mt. Mayon, the single, most beautiful,most majestic symbol of Bicolandia has figured out how to tease and mock me when she didnt show up the whole 3 days of my stay in Legaspi and Naga. such a flirt!

so these are the photos i got of her (the flirty part of her) during my whole stay in Bicol.

my arrival Dec 2 (probably the closest to being naked shot of her)

the Cagsawa Ruins (my dream of capturing a textbook like image of Mayon crashed into me because she was nowhere to be found)

a view from my Hotel Ellis Ecotel at the Embarcadero Mall in Legaspi City

a random view somewhere in Naga

a view from Daraga Church (supposedly overlooking Mayon volcano)

another random view

on my last day in Legaspi, same spot in Embarcadero

just before i boarded the plane for my departure

give it up people, she aint gonna show up….(fellow Manila bound passengers)

She was indeed a let down but that didnt mean that Bicol as a whole was.

to be continued…