Baguio Cathedral

the Baguio Cathedral (Our Lady of the Atonement) is probably one of the most iconic landmark of Baguio City. located in the Cathedral loop, which is just beside the Session road, this landmark sits majestically on top of a hill. with its imposing view that overlooks the Baguio city skyline, one can actually locate and admire its grandeur anywhere within the city confines. it also seals its reputation as one of the most photographed buildings in the city.

with its distinct rosey – pink facade, twin square bell towers, and pyramid roofs one can actually credit it to a Gothic architecture design similar to some European churches.

SVD in Baguio?

i had the chance to visit the cathedral for the first time (even if i have been to Baguio several times already) when i heard mass together with my colleagues at work. good thing though, the mass was heard in english or else, my nose would bled profusely again.

my take? well the church really looks good architecturally, the location too was perfect for such a magnificent church. the only downfall though, was that because of its very close vicinity to the Session road and to other commercial roads in Baguio, plus the unbalanced terrain in the area, it gives one the feeling that outside the confines of the cathedral its very cramped. also add the rush hour traffic and the lack of parking space around.

Westlife Gravity Tour 2011

keep the foreign acts comin! watch out for Shane, Mark, Nicky and Kian as they return to Manila for their Westlife Gravity Tour 2011!

Westlife the Gravity Tour 2011

be mesmerized as they perform their classic chart topping hits such as Fool Again, Seasons in the Sun and Uptown Girl among others.

Just visit for the ticket prices or visit their facebook fan page for more info.

when i became an instant FOOTBALL fan…

12780 tickets alloted for the same number of seats were released to the public for the most awaited game of the Azkals at the Rizal Memorial Stadium. the organizers had to adhere to the rules of the International Football Federation (IFF) regarding the venue and the field thus the usual venue’s cramped capacity of 20,000 had to be lowered down drastically to such number.

Go Azkals Go!

the Preps

photo op at the entrance of Rizal Memorial Stadium

the ‘journey’ towards this football saga was a roller coaster ride of its kind. firstly, i felt it was really meant to be as we were able to purchase the 12777th to the 12780th tickets, the last 4 tickets available… it was that close for the 4 of us to almost not be able to watch the match. 1 week to the game, i had to call 3 ticketing outlets to just make sure that the 4 were still availabe. it was already 5pm on that day when i finally got word that my friend Rovi was able to purchase them. i was extatic that we were finally confirmed…and yes i am watching the FIFA Asian Qualifiers and the Azkals!

hard earned i should say

i had to do my homework for the upcoming match. i was not a FIFA World Cup Fan. I havent followed the game that much…so became my pseudo facebook page for about two weeks. i had to familiarize and do a couple of recollection on everything that is football. i also had to study how to go to Rizal Memorial considering that the place is located just around the LRT route specifically in Vito Cruz (at the back of DLSU). i had to contemplate also if i should bring my vehicle or not. good thing i knew by heart what Manila Traffic is, so i opted not to and instead just commute. with that i also had to study a much nearer route from my house.

the 500P jersey, parang nag VIP section din tayo sa nagastos natin sa mga jerseys ah

as we all know, football equates passion and football fans exhibit the same passion in their own ways. and the best way to express that passion as a fan is to dress up and accessorize – in football fashion. again i had to research and do some window shopping for a football jersey and some fooball scarfs. good thing i was able to read over the net that stores selling football stuff are located around the stadium so i decided to just buy them right on the day of the match. i also did not miss studying the chants prepared by the Kaholeros die hard Azkal fans.

the fateful day

feeling neil etheridge

the match was scheduled at 3PM, i knew about the tight security and the strict compliance of the no ticket no entry policy in the stadium so i was kind of confident that even if we arrive a few seconds before the match starts, we are still able to take our assigned seats. we arrived at the venue 30 mins before the start. we roamed around to check on the stores selling Azkals merchandise. the atmosphere in the venue was very festive. a sea of blue and white covered almost every single floor area of the venue. drum beats from all around are heard and people are walking in all directions. i was able to buy a football jersey (the replica worn by Etheridge during their AFC cup game vs. Mongolia). i also bought a fan as i thought it will be a sunny day. i tried to look for face painting booths – i havent found any, i havent found any booth without a looong line of people waiting for their faces to be painted. so i decided to just forego w/ the face painting and settle for the jersey and the fan.

among the 13thousand strong

at the same time we entered the stadium, the Azkals where introduced one by one on the field already. we had to find our seats w/c unfotunately was located right at the back of the goal and tried to settle down amidst a roaring crowd. it was again a sea of blue and white sorrounding the whole of the stadium, Philippine flags are being waved all over the place with one giant flag being displayed right at the center of the bleachers. the Kaholeros then started the drums rolling and chants were repeatedly performed to familiarize the crowd. everybody was already on their feet even if the match has not yet started.

basang basa sa ulan mode

then came the singing of the national anthem. it was a patriotic moment for me (quite emotional actually) as i sang the Lupang Hinirang it on top of my voice with the rest of the 13thousand fans and the whole Azkals in unison and with pride. the game started and so as the heavy rain. it didn’t dampen my spirit at all, instead, it aggravated my excitement all the more considering it was going to be a wet and wild game! i carried on w/ my cheering for the Azkals until the first goal came. i got lost in heaven for a few seconds. it was all shouting, jumping, the whole 9 yards, everything! and it continued until the 4th goal and finally the whistle signifying the end of the match was heard.

where to go? asus.

by the end of the game i was all wet and slimy, but i just felt it didnt matter anymore… it was all worth it. i lost my voice in the process but it was all cool. after the match we head on to the nearest fastfood chain onsite (Mang Inasal) to regain back the lost energy from all the shouting. a few more hours of chithatting about the match followed until we all decided to call it a day because my wet underwear is getting uncomfy already.

Sri Lanka down Kuwait next

while i am composing this blog i am talking to Rovi to once again finalize our purchase of the tickets for the match against Kuwait on the 28th. this time there will around 8 of us already who is going to watch. i am also saving up for a few jerseys because my friends from Cebu are asking me to buy for them.

what to expect? i hope dark blue jerseys will be onsale come the big day. lol. well i am nervous for this match, knowing the specifics of the Kuwaiti team. man they are Asia’s team to beat! this will definitely be a match worth the watch. Let us all pray for our Azkals team. nothing is possible in prayer.

Go Azkals Go! tsug 12x PILIPINASSSS!!!

Joed’s Lutong Hapon : the Japanese Karenderia

Japanese food to most of us have this stiff notion to come as really an exorbitant way to snuff out our hunger. it may still not be as popular as the Chinese Dimsum to the ‘masa’, but it has in a way gained a niche in the Pinoy taste buds and the food industry in the country as well (insert tokyo tokyo and other japanese fastfood chains).

But, if your in Cebu, and you are craving for Japanese food – CHEAP Japanese food, then you must try Joed’s Lutong Hapon! the city’s (and probably the country’s) only Japanese Karenderia!

this karenderia, is situated in a residential house situated in a small street just in Mabolo Cebu City (pls read this for directions). BUt now, they have already transferred to a new and bigger location to address the growing multitude of ‘parokyanos’ who frequent the place. pls see the photo below for the address.

besides its cheap and mouth watering array of Japanese meals, what really is interesting about this restaurant is that it was only thru word of mouth that this has become known among many Cebuanos. the owners themselves (Joan and Edgar), who was once a chef (Edgar) from Japan do all the cooking and food preparation. thus if you come during peak hours, you might have to wait for some time before the food is served. the waiting though is all worth it, you get the best Japanese cuisine cooked by a former chef at half the regular price – that’s more than value for your money! they are also very accomodating to all their costumers, they’d chit chat to them and ask them suggestions about the food.

Joed’s Lutong Hapon menu

so here are the stuff i ordered in Joed’s Lutong Hapon

Ebi Tempura at 120P

crab tempura at 50P – dirt cheap ei?

gyosa at 75P

beef teriyaki at 95P

the 65P- california maki….only in Joed’s

Restaurant Hours:
Open Monday to Saturday 12 noon to 2am
Sunday 6pm to 2am

Check out their Facebook account here:
Telephone Number: (032) 413-8343

PHILIPPINE AZKALS won over SRI-LANKA 4-0 : the 2014 FIFA world cup Brazil qualifiers

so the readers may know, football (or soccer as known more locally) is not new to the author of this blog. he may not be a fanatic but he actually had a short stint of this sport way back in his highschool days, where soccer was a mandatory PE class which he enrolled for a year and the soccer team was equally popular with the basketball varsity team.

it was an immense show of Filipino pride as 13 thousand fans trooped to the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium to witness probably the country’s most significant sporting event in the very recent years – the 2nd leg of the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Round 1! it was a game between the Philippine’s very own Team Azkals versus the Sri Lankan national football team – the Brave Reds.

as early as 11 in the morning, eager Filipino fans wearing shades of blue and white were already in the stadium eagerly waiting for the start of the match scheduled at early as 230PM the Azkals had already emerged from their dug out to do last minute practice on the field amidst screaming fans and drum beats. this was also the time that the crowd was able to rehears and hear over and over again the chants that was lead by a group of cheerleaders situated right at the center of the bleachers. a huge Philippine flag was also displayed at the bleachers area that added the patriotic vibe inside the stadium.

3 o clock in the afternoon came and the games started on time. it was again one goose flesh worthy moment, when the whole stadium lead by the Azkals themselves sang the Philippine National Anthem. a huge roar of screams followed shortly.

the game started and everyone was on their feet very eager to watch the Azkals baffle the much shorter Sri Lankan team. it was definitely a Men vs. Boys match in favor of the Azkals. then…

5 mins into the game the rains poured. but that didnt dampen the spirits of the fans who even soaked in rain water still managed to display intense energy early on the game. it took only 19 mins for Chieffy Caligdong of the Philippine Air Force to break the ice and deliver the very first goal of the match in favor of the Azkals. Rizal Stadium went gaga over this feat which conditioned the whole Azkals team to strain away the Sri Lankans. another goal was nailed by Phil Younghusband, just minas away before the first half ended. although there was a confusion if the goal was valid or not, the referees after a short discussion favored the home team and finally gave the goal. the score after the first half was 2-0 in favor of the Azkals.

the 2nd half proved to be much intense for the Sri Lankan as the Azkals favored a more offense driven game with the Sri Lankans barely even set foot on their goal side – that made Niel Etheridge probably one of the most relax players in the field. around 40 mins. to the second half, and much to everybody’s surprise – a third goal was hit courtesy of Angel Guirado. the fourth one came shortly after courtesy of Phil Younghusband. by then the score was 4- 0 and it sealed the victory for the Philippine’s Football team.

the Azkals was definitely a better team on that game. it was different for them. it was more fulfilling, even more emotional to actually play in their own home field. it also showed a different facade of Filipino unity – that at these recent times, the Filipinos can still stand proud and unite to show the world that, yes, the Filipino can!

Go Azkals Go!