Its Chowking Halo-Halo time once again!

i’d say everybody would agree to me that this year’s Philippine summer heat is way to raging that a halo-halo treat is very much satisfying to have!

now the questions, which halo-halo should we try? and where does the best halo-halo come from? for this native pinoy dessert, which every single pinoy taste bud would crave for, the very popular Chowking Halo-Halo could very well be the sole answer!

honestly, in last year’ summer season, Chowking’s halo-halo became my comfort food. it had almost become a daily habit for me and a couple of friends to take on this Chowking halo-halo. this year i told myself that my summer will not officially start not unless i’d be able to have my own serving of Chowking halo-halo. and finally, even though quite late, a week after holy week, i finally had my first taste of my fave halo-halo in SM Baliuag. i ordered the medium sized halo-halo (fiesta size)! since then i have been on halo-halo dates w/ my sole self around 6 times already.

The delectable ingredients of shaved ice with sweetened fruits and beans, purple yam, sago, langka, pinipig, buko, banana, condensed milk, the ever yummy leche flan (which i eat separately) and of course a scoop of ube ice cream will definitely make anyone crave for more!

To order halo-halo and have it delivered just dial the following:

Metro Manila,

(02) 702-8888


Fuente Osmeña -(032) 2534634 ; Mactan – 3408045 ; Tabunok – 2738405 ; J.Y Lahug – 2329991 ; St. Niño – 2552772 ; Ayala – 2312262 ; Colon – 2535776 ; E-mall – 4141114 ; Mandaue – 3436740 ; S.M. – 2320602 ; Marina Mall – 3412796

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