a 12-second-moment w/ KASKADE (a 2008 blog)

i have always been a sucker for house music thus the intense fanaticism with such House music demi gods like Kaskade and Bonnie Bailey. I already saw both of them. Moony is coming over in Manila and Cebu (Mariner’s Court Cebu May 7). I just hope i’d be able to catch her gig at the Palladium CLub Makati on May 6. that would be epic!

Apr 13, ’08 11:04 AM

nobody wanted to shell out 1 thousand bucks for kaskade’s spin at the loft (well except me of course) …while at its peak of being palaw mode, toffee decided to spend the rest of the night at patio ecila w/ friends…as i was getting into the vibe w/ some booz and some really nice acoustic sound…and i was starting to get over the whole palaw mode…


there he was…he just got out from a white van, in his bare flesh…approaching our way…

holy crap! watdaPAK! ….its him, my uber idol KASKADE! and he happend to walk just across our table…


lost for words…sabog moment…iwas borlogs move (kaya d nako nagpapic w/ him, gudlak sosyal kaya lahat ng crowd dun), got to be content w/a side view shot…hahay…im fine…made my night! the fanatic in me…

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