David Archuleta Live Manila Concert 2011

David Archuleta, American Idol season 7 runner up will hit the Philippine stage once again for the second time around on July 18, 2011 8PM at the Araneta Coliseum!

Archuleta first had his sold out performance in Manila last May 2009 together with his co-idol and season 7 winner David Cook. this time though, he will rock Manila solo with his smashing hits such as ‘Crush‘, ‘A little too not over you‘, ‘Touch my Hand‘ among others.

tickets can be bought at ticketnet.com.ph with the following prices:

VIP(103&101 ROWS A-J) (Reserved Seating) P4755
PATRON (Reserved Seating) P4225
LOWER BOX (Reserved Seating) P3700
UPPER BOX A (Reserved Seating) P2640

This event is brought to us by OVATION PRODUCTIONS

I might be watching this one!

Its the Transformers and Captain America day today at the Toy Kingdom SM Megamall!

Toy Kingdom SM Megamall is having their 2-day exclusive event for the simultaneous toy launching of Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Captain America. this runs from today May 21 until tomorrow May 22, 2011.

i’m not that of an obsessive geek when it comes to action figures (or toys in general) but i was amazed at the ‘appetite’ these action figure junkies have towards their toys and this event gathered these kinds of people…and they were gathered in throngs! i got curious about the commotion inside Toy Kingdom so i pushed myself through the other ‘boys’ who patiently waited to get accommodated inside the toy store. when i got in, i understood why such craze and craving existed. besides launching the new line of action figures from both Transformer and Captain America, a lot of the exisiting action figure toys were also on sale! and yes freebies were given also. please refer to mattscradle.com/ for the freebies redemption mechanics. i got a transformers keychain!

here are a few of the toys i bought. i started to buy first the dirt cheap and small ones. i will just buy the more expensive ones during their SM Pampanga leg on June 12, 2011 (see schedule for the rest of the SM Malls below).






Date: May 21-22, 2011
Venue: SM Megamall
Date: June 4-5, 2011
Venue: SM City The Block
Date: June 11-12, 2011
Venue: SM Pampanga
Date: June 18-19, 2011
Venue: South Mall
Date: June 25-26, 2011
Venue: Robinsons Ermita
Date: July 2-3, 2011
Venue: SM MOA
Date: July 9-10, 2011
Venue: Robinsons Galleria

Here’s what you can buy during the launch. (special thanks to: slangards.i.ph for the additional info)

Leader Class Wave 1- 2,999.75
Sentinel Prime
Voyager Class Wave 1- 1,499.75
Optimus Prime
Deluxe Class Wave 1- 699.75
Autobot Skids
Human Alliance Series 1- 699.75
Thunderhead with Major Tungsten
Sandstorm with Private Dedcliff
Icepick with Sergeant Chaos
Backfire with Spike Witwicky
Cyberverse COMMANDER Wave 1
Optimus Prime
Sentinal Prime
Wave 2
LEGION Wave 1- 369.75
Top Spin
ACTION SET Wave 1 – 1,199.75
Starscream With Orbtal Assault Carrier
Bumblebee With Mobile Battle Bunker
Dirt Rocket
High Wire
Knock out

more photos from the launch:








from ‘HALE’ to ‘CHAMP’ – was there even a band break up?

if there is one thing (i think the ‘only’ thing) i love about my job now i guess, is my company id and my technical/corporate access pass. even if it doesn’t have any thing to do with a ‘mall tour’, i guess mall admin people do revere the immense and invisible power these id’s have once i show it right in their faces. thanks to some official on site operations inside a mall in Pulilan, Bulacan it got into my senses that a very familiar face in OPM bands during my college years was about to surprise the mall rats there.

forgive me for being oblivious on this fact but i just realized that indeed HALE was already history. when i looked at the performers on stage, i couldn’t dig any one but CHAMP, and when i did check again, i realized it was his own mall tour for his SOLO album. i couldn’t find the rest of the band members.

i felt bad about the disbandment. every time i hear their very famous single ‘the day you said goodnight‘, it brings back memories from my college concert night outs in school and those free concerts sponsored by some toothpaste brand or from other telco provider (oops!).

with the added freedom to roam around the crowded room full of screaming teeny boppers and curious onlookers, i was able to check on CHAMP’s debut album entitled SYNERGY. i was not able to listen much on his new songs because i was too preoccupied taking photos from my point and shoot cam and checking out his CD. i kinda liked the cover of his album (pls see photo below courtesy of MYX).

i got quite brisky though when he played some signature HALE songs such as Kahit Pa and The Day you said Goodnight in between his new songs from his new album.

here is a list of his songs from his new album under Polyeast Records

1. “Sparkplug” Howard Espiritu 3:10
2. “Hanging Habagat (Feat. Mayonnaise)” Champ Lui Pio 5:46
3. “Sari-Saring Kwento (Feat. Gloc-9)” Champ Lui Pio 3:37
4. “Sa ‘Yo Lang (Feat. Julianne Tarroja)” Champ Lui Pio 4:25
5. “Magdamag (Feat. Hilera)” Howard Espiritu, Geronimo Saroca 3:35
6. “Gulong (Feat. Parokya Ni Edgar)” Champ Lui Pio 4:15
7. “Nightmares” Champ Lui Pio 5:07
8. “Bleed” Howard Espiritu 3:31
9. “Emergency Room” Howard Espiritu 3:15
10. “Juan Tamad (Feat. Parokya Ni Edgar)” Champ Lui Pio 4:05

here’s his first single entitled Hanging Habagat. I find it really good. cheers to Champ’s budding solo career!

Its Chowking Halo-Halo time once again!

i’d say everybody would agree to me that this year’s Philippine summer heat is way to raging that a halo-halo treat is very much satisfying to have!

now the questions, which halo-halo should we try? and where does the best halo-halo come from? for this native pinoy dessert, which every single pinoy taste bud would crave for, the very popular Chowking Halo-Halo could very well be the sole answer!

honestly, in last year’ summer season, Chowking’s halo-halo became my comfort food. it had almost become a daily habit for me and a couple of friends to take on this Chowking halo-halo. this year i told myself that my summer will not officially start not unless i’d be able to have my own serving of Chowking halo-halo. and finally, even though quite late, a week after holy week, i finally had my first taste of my fave halo-halo in SM Baliuag. i ordered the medium sized halo-halo (fiesta size)! since then i have been on halo-halo dates w/ my sole self around 6 times already.

The delectable ingredients of shaved ice with sweetened fruits and beans, purple yam, sago, langka, pinipig, buko, banana, condensed milk, the ever yummy leche flan (which i eat separately) and of course a scoop of ube ice cream will definitely make anyone crave for more!

To order halo-halo and have it delivered just dial the following:

Metro Manila,

(02) 702-8888


Fuente Osmeña -(032) 2534634 ; Mactan – 3408045 ; Tabunok – 2738405 ; J.Y Lahug – 2329991 ; St. Niño – 2552772 ; Ayala – 2312262 ; Colon – 2535776 ; E-mall – 4141114 ; Mandaue – 3436740 ; S.M. – 2320602 ; Marina Mall – 3412796

the Saga in Sagada – ‘i really thought spelunking is a cave in Sagada!’ – Carla

borrowed Carla’s opening remarks on her FB Sagada album…hehe.

read on for the highlight of this whole Sagada trip.

I didnt travel for 12 hours and went top loading on thin ice-cold air with rain drops dripping on my face just to miss out on Sagada’s main attraction – spelunking in Sumaguing Cave!

i will not write much about this entry since i felt that photos would give more justice (and excitement) with this experience, so its just a matter of photo overloading for this entry. special thanks to my fellow travel buddies James of http://jamesdiayon.blogspot.com/ and Edcel of http://soloflighted.com/ for ALL the photos. (i got scared when they told me that we will be swimming on chest deep waters inside the cave thats why i decided to leave my cameras in our room and just let my travel mates do the photo taking.


the local Ifugao delicacy - Pinikpikan

chiken pork adobo - Ifugao style

we started off with lunch at one of Sagada’s famous eateries: Pinikpikan Eatery where they serve one of the Ifugao’s local dishes named ‘Pinikpikan’. its basically an ‘in – between’ dish of tinola and sinigang. only, its made out of meat and vegetables and served with a local Ifugao rice similar to the red rice we have in the lowlands. it costs around 85P a meal. some of my friends tried it but i opted for the usual chicken-pork adobo meal becasue i felt the need to carbo load because of the physical activity ahead. we also ordered the usual pansit canton (for extra carbo loading).

new found friends in Sagada

new foudn friends in Sagada

it was also surprising to know that the attendant in the eatery was bisaya. she came all the way from cagayan de oro. she married a local thats why she opted to stay there in Sagada. Bisdak gayud!

after a sumptuous meal we then met w/ our tour guide Andrew and his team from Genuine Sagada Guides.

after a few minutes of chitchatting and a 5min. walk we finally arrived at the Bungad of Sumaging Caves and the rest as they say…is history.


entry from Sumaguing Cave and exit to Lumiang cave (on the oooother end)

the whole spelunking experience takes on a minimum of 4 hours, we did it at 4 and a half hours;

and it is 300-350 meters below the ground.

the water inside the cave is about 5 degrees cold. and taking a deep inside the lagoon is a must try.

when the guides start to lit their lamps, my heart started to jump in both excitement and a little fear.

briefing followed and the real ‘Saga’ began.

(Sumaguing Cave, view of Lumiang Cave entrance, and view of the Sugong Coffins)

1-4 persons : P400 (1 guide)
5 persons : P500 (1 guide)
6-9 persons : P800 (2 guides)
10 persons : P900 (2 guides)
11-14 persons : P1,200 (3 guides)
15 persons : P1,350
16 and above : P100/head

just before entering the cave. picture muna!

if you may refer to the upper right side of the photo – thats where we came from, just a few seconds after we started our descent.

the first ‘whole’ in the wall (as if hindi pa kinakabahan)


Horhe! the Spaniard. olah!

big boy James



tita Myrna – darn, i was really proud of her she gladly completed the 4 hr spelunking experience.

Carla! – the first in the link…hehe.

first rappelling of the day.

a glimpse of the cave.

5 secs of rest

a hole just enough to fit my sleek body

another rappelling experience

picture taking w/ the stalactites and stalagmites

pitch dark

jumpshot at the ‘cathedral’ the caves biggest opening. right in this place, is where the air from both caves meet so one can get this feeling of ‘mahangin’ right inside a cave. weird.

another pitch dark moment

1 minute rest

sit and slide – we had to go down a 55 degree steep wall.






and we finally reached the lagoon and the 5-degree cold water. i couldnt resist but to jump despite the freezing cold. it was all worth it though.

rest mode again. lets talk about life, Spain and soccer (insert the azkals and football and waka waka)

another slippery sit and slide moment

and doi did the second blooper of the night (first was Carla and the makasaysayang scream…but no photos of that)

water and rock formations

another acrobatic move

photo op at the ‘curtain’


the reason why Sumaguing is also called the ‘porn cave’

the last rappelling

the unforgiving climb back to the top

finally we made it!

a 12-second-moment w/ KASKADE (a 2008 blog)

i have always been a sucker for house music thus the intense fanaticism with such House music demi gods like Kaskade and Bonnie Bailey. I already saw both of them. Moony is coming over in Manila and Cebu (Mariner’s Court Cebu May 7). I just hope i’d be able to catch her gig at the Palladium CLub Makati on May 6. that would be epic!

Apr 13, ’08 11:04 AM

nobody wanted to shell out 1 thousand bucks for kaskade’s spin at the loft (well except me of course) …while at its peak of being palaw mode, toffee decided to spend the rest of the night at patio ecila w/ friends…as i was getting into the vibe w/ some booz and some really nice acoustic sound…and i was starting to get over the whole palaw mode…


there he was…he just got out from a white van, in his bare flesh…approaching our way…

holy crap! watdaPAK! ….its him, my uber idol KASKADE! and he happend to walk just across our table…


lost for words…sabog moment…iwas borlogs move (kaya d nako nagpapic w/ him, gudlak sosyal kaya lahat ng crowd dun), got to be content w/a side view shot…hahay…im fine…made my night! the fanatic in me…

conversations et. al. (a 2008 blog)

Sep 23, ’08 11:41 AM

i even talk to ducks (ducks ba to???)

these past few days i have met a whole bunch of entirely different persona, some famous, the others, just like anybody else. we may have conversed long enough to cover passing hours or just a little chit chat just to make ‘tawid’ some idle time. one way or another i have learned something from them. indeed we humans are so very complex.

Fr. Tito Caluwag (my apologies if the spelling of his last name is wrong)

if your fond of watching y-speak over studio 23 and other relevant talk shows in ‘channel 2’ as i may quote him, then he is that jesuit priest who sits at the panel and tries to assess the whole discussion in the perspective of the youth and the church. He is famous. And he’s from the Ateneo de Manila.

It was a good, quite bumpy 1 hour-15min flight from manila to cebu and we were seatmates. Despite Henry Sy’s (yup you read it right, but hes not the one who owns SM though, hes my officemate haha!) kakulitan, the bumpiness of the ride made him fall asleep so i got the chance to exhange some thoughts w/ Fr. It was casual, we just talked about his trip to Cebu, his mobile phone w/c enables him to set his sms messages better, the iphone w/c he didnt really like to have, about the Ateneo and most of all about television…quite an enriching conversation, and an honour on my part at that.

Ryan and Melissa – PAL flight attendants

in one of my few flights i was able to be seatmates w/ 2 passenger f.a.’s. and for those who know me, i can pass as an interviewer because i ask alot of questions, and im also friendly. haha! ok i admit, it has been a life long dream fro me to either be a pilot or a flight attendant, having been living a few meters away from an airport for 4 years would have been the culprit for this ‘wish’. A barkada from highschool recently told me that she was accepted as a flight attendant in PAL, so that triggered the whole conversation. the perks are great, and i can sense they’r loving the job, the travelling, the fame etc. the pay is huge! so as the risk though…namumukhaan na nga daw nila ako eh…sabi ni ryan! oh well, i deserve a discount! bottom line is, ‘if only i was qualified’…

the man in the streets of pioneer claiming to be a chinese imigrant who came from the philippines who was asking for political asylum but was rejected…

he wrote some things on bondpapers and posted it in the walkway, tried reading it and i learned he was from china who illegally got into the philippines because he was seeking for political asylum, but he was denied so by the phil. government and he didnt want to go back to china, so he ended up literally on philippine soil. i would have wanted to believe him, kaya lang i almost forgot that i’m in manila. things happen here, gimic, lokohan, etc etc. he might be just some random pinoy who poses as a chinese guy. we can never tell. so idecide to just leave him. harsh but hey, kesa naman sa ako ang maloko.

Mark – Manila counterpart ko

addict sa work, he starts working at 8 am and ends at around 11pm, nakitulog sa hotel room ko since he doesnt have time to go home na, i fell asleep close to midnight and bumalik sya sa office, didnt notice what time na sya bumalik sa room and before i woke up he was already gone again. when i asked what time sya nagising, 6am daw. the next day iniwanan ko sya sa office at arond 1245am, the next day, papunta nako sa work at around 9am, nagkasalubong kami magtututbrush lang daw sya. by lunch time na sya pumasok…nagsorry pa sakin kasi nakatulog daw sya…kinausap ko sabi ko kung anumang klaseng katol ang sinisimhut nya, sana tigilan na nya, hindi healthy for him and hindi rin healthy sa kumpanya…adik nga.

Bisayang Taxi driver

there are lot of bisaya in manila, and they come in baranggays, the taxi driver told me that in fairview daw sa lugar nila tatlong baranggay na magkatabi bisaya lahat. he was from leyte (palompon to be exact) and if only there’s an opportunity there, then mas gusto nyang umuwi sa probinsya. the metro is hell for them. inoman lang daw ang pass time. oh well typical hang ups and rants lang narinig ko sa kanya, and pacquiao’s 200 taxi units na bisya lang daw hinahire as drivers…

scalper sa araneta coliseum during the dlsu-admu finals game 1

lang hiya! gen ad ticket for 1,500P wa mo kuyapi?!?!?!? heller…..didtn bother to argue w/ the man coz i know im out of his league kahit anong sabihin ko. nagtour na lang kami around araneta center then mrt-lrt roadtrip haha! definitely next season manonood ako. i was that close but it wasnt just meant to be. the scalper even said kahit 1 week before pa daw ako naghanap, i wouldnt find any tickets at all…willing pang ibigay cellphone no. nya sakin for game 2 daw…aba!

if only he knows how precious it was for me to see that game, and i was willing to spend 1,500P just for a gen ad ticket, just for me to get in…but then i realized, i just allow this people na gulangan ako, nananamanatala eh…and i guess i dont tolerate those kinds of creatures na pati ang dream ko eh kelangan muna mag seat back and will have to wait for the next season…hahay.

i still have lets say 79,000,000 filipinos to converse with, and i dont think i can cover them all in one lifetime…